Montserrat – The Emerald Isle of the Caribbean

Our reason for buying our winter home in Montserrat is a story in itself. Our visit to the Emerald Isle was peaceful and secure. From the moment we landed, the island was inviting and by the time we left, three weeks later, we felt like family. We always felt safe no matter what side of the island we visited. The water from the tap is clean and drinkable and there’s plenty of it. The weather is perfect and the ocean waters are warm. Best of all, you won’t find corporate chains or stop lights anywhere. Each day was a new experience and adventure all its own. Although we did not get to experience everything Montserrat has to offer, we want to share with you our favorites to date:

MVO – Spectacular views of the volcano can be seen at the Montserrat Volcano Observatory in nearby Salem. Inside the observatory you’ll find information and films about the eruptions. This is a must see while on the island.

Boat Tours of Plymouth – The only way to see the devastation caused by the volcano in Plymouth is by boat. Troy and Mel at the Green Monkey Dive Shop afford you this opportunity. Tours are available daily. Contact them directly to make arrangements to see this modern day Pompeii right here in Montserrat.

Our favorite Eating Places (call for hours of operation):

Our favorite shopping spots:

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Our favorite Swimming Places:

Hiking Trails:

Water Activities on Montserrat: Contact our good friends, Troy and Mel at The Green Monkey Dive Shop. They can accommodate all your water needs for diving, snorkeling, kayaking and boat tours of Plymouth. You’ll find they are a wealth of information and entertainment.

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